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Thank you again. This stuff is incredible! I have never seen anything like it. I feel like I am dreaming. You saved my day!!! I will be calling to order some more for myself and my mother. Thank you again! I want to buy it in truck loads!!! Have a fantastic day and thank you again for holding my hand and having soo much patience.

I am going to send u a picture. :)

With sincere gratitude,









I just completed applying the RJ Method for the first time

and can say without any hesitation that the results are stunning! My hair

feels incredibly soft and it has a healthy shine. I'm also impressed with

the service I received from this company. I intend to be a loyal RJ Method

customer; I won't continue trying different hair products. ellen marshall





Finally a product that does everything it says. Thank

You. After having RJ applied to my natural hair I can

see a huge difference in manageability and shine and

texture. It re-defined my kinky hair so that now I am

able to comb through my hair easily wet or dry.

Setting my hair is a breeze and it takes half the time

to dry. The body and control is unbelievable. Once I

curl my hair it holds the curl amazingly. My husband

even commented on how soft my hair is and I get

compliments even from strangers. Thank You, Thank



Marietta, Georgia


Breaking hair


Personal packages

About RJ personal hair care!

RJ hair system

I would definitely recommend the RJ hair system despite how expensive it is. I used to drive approx. 250 miles to the nearest hair salon that used RJ to get a treatment. But now, they are offering it to individuals who don't have to be hair stylists and offer an RJ manual to train you how to do it. I'm going to buy the personal RJ kit to do it on myself so that I won't have to travel anymore.

It's the only product that I have come across (and I have tried a lot) that actually infuses the inside of the hair follicle with nourishment.

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the RJ Vaccine! It is wonderful - it's everything you said it would be. I truly love the strength and body, it gives my hair. And the way my hair detangles as it dries is remarkable -no more pulling hair off with the tangles. Thanks so much.

Best Regards,


She is so happy, that she writes again:

I hope you don't mind my e-mails. I felt I had to let you know.......

Everywhere I go, whether it's grocery shopping or here at work, people are stopping me and commenting on my hair. What a positive effect the RJ Hair Vaccine has had on my hair! It also helps my confidence and well-being! I find that I'm not 'hoping that my hair looks good' - it just always looks good. It is consistently at its best. And I've only given it one application (the second one is coming up next week). I want to thank you so much for this product.

I will also be coloring my hair for the first time since the RJ application, so I hope the coloring doesn't through my hair back into its 'bad habits'.

Again thanks for your wonderful miracle product and all your help with my questions. I'll be talking to you soon, because after the second application, I'll need to order more product so that I'm ready for the next time.

Best Regards,


About Hair Breakage

RJ stops even the extreme breakage instantaneously,when nothing else helps!

Read what happy customers write about RJ

I have had RJ in my hair for many years and it is wonderful. Except some

times I tend to forget and go back to the conditioner and my hair does acts

up . I just read about RJ on the Internet and realize the reason why was

hair was being disobedient itchy and dry. I have the RJ treatment and I

don't need a conditioner. Now you mention in one of your article to use a

teaspoon of lemon juice. GREAT NEWS! Is there a particular kind that I need

to us?

Thank You for the greatest hair treatment ever. My hair is simply

beautiful. I really wish that we had a saloon here in Massachusetts that

give the RJ treatment then I could get it more often. It is well worth it.

Lillie M Spriggs MA



Thank you for your help with my hair problem. I had my first treatment with

RJ last Saturday, February 13th and I am truly pleased with the results and

with the reality of what you proclaim about your product -so far- STANDS

TRUE. The results was noticed immediately after the first application. My

hair, prior to this treatment was a horror story. Combing my hair was a

nightmare - hair everywhere. I was at the point where I hated to comb my

hair because so much of it was not only breaking-off but long strand were

falling as well, the overall texture was even worse. I could hear the

breaking/crumbling in the process of combing my hair. Now that has all

stopped and I am truly grateful. Not only does my hair look great (HEALTHY)

it feels great (HEALTHY). I have spent a small fortune trying to achieved

the results your product has produced. I am scheduled for two more

treatments within the proper time frame. I am so excited I can hardly wait

to see the final results from the third treatment. For two years I've worn

braided extensions and my hair was free of chemicals. During this time my

hair had truly grew in length. I was extremely pleased. I decided that I

wanted a change so in late May of last year I permed my hair. A few months

later the trouble began. I don't necessarily put all the blame on the perm,

but on my lack of knowledge in trying so many different products on my hair

that, most likely, was not in agreement with each other nor in agreement

with my hair needs. This resulted in severe damaging and the lose of the

length that took two years to achieve. Of course my hopes were shattered of

every achieving my shoulder length again without the same thing happening.

Now there is HOPE!!!!! My plan is to use your shampoo regularly (which I

purchased before leaving the shop) and whatever other products you might

offer (Do you have a line of other hair maintenance products?) If not, can

you suggest any other products that work with and not against RJ? It is my

goal to make RJ a lasting part of my total hair maintenance program (2 or

more treatments per year). Thank you so very much for such a SUCCESSFUL

product. With RJ, I feel reassured that my hair problems are over and that

I will never have to deal with severe hair problems again. Question: How

often should African-American women shampoo their hair? Hooray, no more


Again, RJ was and is truly a "GOD SENT" to me. Enjoy your day.



I emailed your company about 1 week ago inquiring about your products as

my hair was breaking off very, very bad for the last year since a

hairdresser had used a plastic cap. My hair is down to my waist and

over the last year have lost 40% from it all breaking off. I spend

2000.00 on top of the line products here in Canada, spoke to a

representative with your company and they led me to Dr. Sandra Brown in

Detroit Michigan. I took the 5 hour drive over the border to her office

yesterday and had a treatment done with your products. I am totally

amazed that your products did make my hair stop breaking immediately as

I have been living with my hair extremely breaking off every day for one

full year now. I was told the cortex was damage and stripped from the

hair leaving me with the medical term "proximal trichorrhexis nodosa".

Just the one treatment as truly worked like a miracle and although it

cost me 600.00, because of the exchange rate on Canadian funds the

treatment was worth every penny and my 10 hour drive. My hair has some

softness, shine and flexibility back within just one treatment and only

2 hairs have broken off in the last day and a half. It was suggested I

receive another treatment in one month because my hair was so badly

damaged from the cap procedure. I will continue using your products

only as the one treatment has improved my hair's strength, shine and

flexibility by


Thank you very very much. Denise Deveaux, Ontario Canada


About obedience and manageability!


Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!!!!!

I am sooo happy to report that I have received the RJ treament this weekend and I am truly ecstatic!!!! I received the treatment from Gwen (Louise) Croskey. She said she received training from you nearly two years ago. She seemed very knowledgeable about the process and explained how it would make a tremendous change in my very unmanageable virgin hair. She styled it very nice upon completion of the service also. The process has made my hair nice and smooth and easier to style. I'm sure if it wasn't for this Florida humidity, my hair would maintain a much straighter look. As it is, it's full and looks nice when I wear a braided look. When I get the length I want I'll be able to really wear it loose and free for nice textured look. I don't know what's in this RJ (what does it stand for?) but I love the transformation it has done for my hair - and I've only had it in one day! I sure hope to feel like this three months from now!!!

I can't wait to tell my friends about this treatment! I'm still afraid to use a relaxer, but if my hair stays this manageable, I may not want one!!! :-)


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