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The RJ Method

A short video of how the RJ is done!

RJ is a professional method and a powerful tool for solving and preventing hair disorders and problems in the hair itself. RJ gives a permanent result [ stays in the hair and grows out like a perm] and is repeated 3-6 times a year. RJ is not a conditioner and has been clinically proven to work! It is also allergy tested.

RJ is the only one of its kind in the whole world, no other product or system can match even closely the results of RJ.

RJ solves instantaneously all existing problems in the hair itself even breaking and crumpling [ they stop within one hour].

RJ just sweeps away all natural problems like curly or bone straight flat heavy hair, as well as all stubborn growth patterns like cowlicks.


RJ makes the hair strong, healthy, beautiful, and so obedient.


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If you have taken the completely free HairTest, you know what RJ will do to and how it will improve your hair, if you have not, may we suggest that you take it now. By looking at the Hair Test you will realize, how diversified RJ is and how great a variety of hair disorders and problems it solves immediately with just one application! RJ is not a conditioner, is not applied like one, does not affect the hair like one. RJ is the future of hair care, because

RJ "permanently" makes the hair healthy!

RJ makes everyone's hair so easy care !

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RJ in caucasian hair

RJ in Afro Hair

RJ in Asian hair

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